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Jump. Smile & Dance.

Jumping and Zumba classes in the center of Brno

Support your health, tone your body, boost your confidence, meet new people, and simultaneously discover a passion, a high, and relaxation all in one: Jumping and Zumba. Don't hesitate, and book your session today.

Exercise in an enjoyable way

Exercise with me in Brno

Come to the classes to recharge your energy, take a break from everyday worries, release negative emotions, and simply enjoy an hour dedicated to yourself. Your performance doesn't matter during the classes (don't worry, no one will judge you), the essence is to enjoy the exercise, laugh, shout, and momentarily forget your responsibilities.


Jumping is an energetic exercise that will captivate you. It is performed on special trampolines with handles. The foundation involves alternating various exercises and intensities accompanied by upbeat music.


Zumba is a dynamic dance class that combines basic aerobics, dance steps from various styles (salsa, merengue, cumbia, reggaeton, etc.), and strengthening exercises.

About me

Who am I?

My name is Viola Honzová and currently, I am studying at the Faculty of Economics and Administration at Masaryk University (majoring in Finance and Law). I fell in love with Jumping at the age of 14 (in 2017) and I've been leading these classes (with enthusiasm and humility) as an instructor since October 2019. The never-ending energy from the clients, the friendly atmosphere, and the shared love for one sport inspired me to make the decision to stand on my own two feet. Because what you give, comes back to you - that's what I love about these classes. I obtained my Zumba certification relatively recently (in March 2023), but dance and music have been with me since childhood.

Why Jumping and Zumba

Jumping and Zumba: A fusion of joy, fitness, and results

Jumping and Zumba are fantastic workouts for improving physical fitness, burning calories, and achieving a lean physique. These active and enjoyable training sessions offer high intensity, which enhances cardiovascular health and strengthens muscles. Thanks to energetic movements, rhythmic music, and a dance-like atmosphere, Jumping and Zumba are the ideal choices for those seeking an effective and fun way to move in a healthy manner and achieve their fitness goals.

Great cardiovascular exercise

Jumping and Zumba are excellent activities for strengthening the heart and cardiovascular system, as they involve fast and intense movements that increase the heart rate and improve blood circulation.

An excellent way to burn calories

Are you looking for exercise that will help you burn calories quickly and effectively? I can help you burn a large amount of calories in a short period of time.

Fun and motivating workout

Exercise shouldn't be about boredom and suffering. Music, dance, and movement will give you energy and keep you motivated even in moments when you might otherwise want to give up.

Improving coordination and rhythm

You will not only strengthen your body, but also improve your coordination and rhythm. Synchronizing movements with music will help you gain better body control and enhance your motor skills.

Vitality and good mood

Pushing yourself and the high intensity of these activities release endorphins, the happiness hormones, giving you a feeling of energy and joy throughout the day.

Community and friendship

Group classes provide the opportunity to meet new people, share experiences, and work together towards common goals. Exercising with others creates a strong bond and can lead to new friendships.

I'm going to my first class

What do I need for the first Jumping or Zumba class?

Are you going to your first Jumping class and not sure how to prepare? Don't worry, in the following steps, I'll tell you how to get ready for this energetic workout, what to bring with you, how the registration process goes, and what to expect during the Jumping session. With our tips, you'll feel prepared and fully immerse yourself in this amazing activity. So, let's get started!


Registration through the booking system and topping up credit

The first step is to register in our booking system Reservio. Then, you can top up your credit by sending the specified amount (according to the price list) to this account number: 702812628/0100. In the note, don't forget to include your full name, phone number, and email address you used to register in the Reservio booking system. Within 2 days of receiving the payment, your credit will be topped up to your account.


Class reservation

Once you have topped up your credit (you will see a 1/10/20 entry pass in your account), you can book a class. Simply choose a date and time that suit you, click the 'reserve' button, and you have a guaranteed spot in the class. If you encounter any issues with the reservation, don't hesitate to contact me.


What should you bring with you

When preparing for your first Jumping or Zumba class, it's important not to forget comfortable clothing, a towel, sports shoes (with clean soles), and a positive attitude. I also recommend bringing a water bottle, so you can stay hydrated during the workout.


How to get to us

You can view instructions and a map on how to get to us on this page. If you have any questions or need further clarification, feel free to contact me.


Ideal training at an affordable price

Are you looking for the ideal training that is budget-friendly and still provides you with the results you desire? You've found it - improve your fitness, strength, coordination, and endurance without straining your budget.

    • 1 entry
    • 170 CZK
  • valid for 14 days
    • 10 entries
    • 1650 CZK
  • valid for 4 months
    • 20 entries
    • 3200 CZK
  • valid for 6 months
    • 1 entry
    • 160 CZK
  • valid for 14 days
    • 10 entries
    • 1550 CZK
  • valid for 4 months
    • 20 entries
    • 3000 CZK
  • valid for 6 months

For a student discount, please send a confirmation of studies to my email:

Customer reviews

Feedback from my clients

I've been working as an instructor since October 2019, and thanks to the classes, I've had the opportunity to meet countless amazing individuals with various life stories, potential, and personalities. I'm grateful that I can showcase the feedback (at least from a few of them) on my website, and I hope that my classes will inspire and entertain you just as much as they did for Denisa, Iveta, and Adéla.

To find the right fit, I searched for a long time. I've tried many instructors, and Viola is truly the best ❤️ Her Jumping classes are really making the most out of every minute. I always leave with a smile on my face and full of energy 🙏 Highly recommended 👍

- Denisa

Zumba classes with Viola are amazing 🤩 She is a pleasant, kind, smiling, and empathetic instructor. Don't be afraid of anything and come to her classes, the steps are not complicated at all. It's a pleasant relaxation, but you will definitely sweat 😅

- Iveta

Both Jumping and Zumba classes with Viola are fantastic. Beginners can handle it, but it also challenges the more advanced ones :). I must highlight the instructor's great energy and her approach to sports. One enjoys the class, works hard, and leaves with a smile on their face. I can only recommend it!

- Adéla

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