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What is Jumping?

Jumping: Trampoline jumping for health and fitness

Jumping is a comprehensive exercise program performed on special trampolines that combines high and low-intensity exercises. Bouncing up and down is just one element that provides you with excellent core training and improves your explosive power.

Jumping is not based on complex dance steps, so you don't have to focus on choreography. You can simply relax and clear your mind while bouncing to the rhythm of your favorite songs. Additionally, Jumping stimulates the release of endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine, which brings joy and improves mood.

During Jumping, you can burn up to 700 calories per hour, which is nearly double compared to running. Trampolines are designed to support weights up to 130 kg, making them suitable for everyone, including individuals with excess weight. Jumping strengthens muscles throughout the entire body and helps maintain or improve physical fitness. Not only is Jumping an effective form of exercise, but it's also great fun. Bouncing on a trampoline takes you back to childhood and awakens the joy of movement within you. It releases stress and tension, giving you energy and a positive mood.

If you're looking for effective exercise that brings you joy and a good mood, Jumping is the perfect choice for you. Join us for Jumping classes in Brno and experience a fun form of exercise on trampolines.

Customer reviews

Feedback from my clients

I've been working as an instructor since October 2019, and thanks to the classes, I've had the opportunity to meet countless amazing individuals with various life stories, potential, and personalities. I'm grateful that I can showcase the feedback (at least from a few of them) on my website, and I hope that my classes will inspire and entertain you just as much as they did for Denisa, Iveta, and Adéla.

To find the right fit, I searched for a long time. I've tried many instructors, and Viola is truly the best ❤️ Her Jumping classes are really making the most out of every minute. I always leave with a smile on my face and full of energy 🙏 Highly recommended 👍

- Denisa

Zumba classes with Viola are amazing 🤩 She is a pleasant, kind, smiling, and empathetic instructor. Don't be afraid of anything and come to her classes, the steps are not complicated at all. It's a pleasant relaxation, but you will definitely sweat 😅

- Iveta

Both Jumping and Zumba classes with Viola are fantastic. Beginners can handle it, but it also challenges the more advanced ones :). I must highlight the instructor's great energy and her approach to sports. One enjoys the class, works hard, and leaves with a smile on their face. I can only recommend it!

- Adéla

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