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My first class

I'm going to my first class

What do I need for my first Jumping or Zumba class

Are you going to your first Jumping or Zumba class and not sure how to prepare? Don't worry, in the following steps, I will tell you how to get ready for this energetic workout, what to bring with you, and how the registration process works. With our tips, you will feel prepared and fully immerse yourself in this amazing activity. So, let's get started!


Registration through the reservation system and topping up credit

The first step is to register in the Reservio reservation system. Afterwards, you will top up your credit by sending the specified amount (according to the price list) to bank account 702812628/0100. In the note, don't forget to write your full name, phone number, and email address under which you registered in the Reservio reservation system. Within 2 days of receiving the payment, I will top up the credit to your account.


Booking a class

Once you have topped up your credit (you will see a 1/10/20 entry pass in your account), you can book a class. Simply choose a date and time that suit you, click the 'reserve' button, and you'll have a guaranteed spot in the class. If you encounter any issues with the reservation, don't hesitate to contact me.


What should you bring with you

When preparing for your first Jumping or Zumba class, it's important not to forget comfortable clothing, a towel, sports shoes (with clean soles), and a positive attitude. I also recommend bringing a water bottle, so you can stay hydrated during the workout.


How to get to us

The classes take place at this address: Václavská 237/6, Brno, 603 00.
You can view instructions and a map on how to get to us here. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.


Ideal training at an affordable price

Are you looking for the ideal training that is budget-friendly and still provides you with the results you desire? You've found it - improve your fitness, strength, coordination, and endurance without straining your budget.

    • 1 entry
    • 170 CZK
  • valid for 14 days
    • 10 entries
    • 1650 CZK
  • valid for 4 months
    • 20 entries
    • 3200 CZK
  • valid for 6 months
    • 1 entry
    • 160 CZK
  • valid for 14 days
    • 10 entries
    • 1550 CZK
  • valid for 4 months
    • 20 entries
    • 3000 CZK
  • valid for 6 months

For a student discount, please send a confirmation of studies to my email:

Topping up credit

How to make a payment for reserving a class

To top up credits, please make a payment to the bank account. You can also use the QR code provided. Within a maximum of 2 days after receiving the payment, I will credit your client account in the reservation system.

The financial amount for unused credits cannot be refunded, and the validity of credits (unused entries) cannot be extended

After paying the entrance fee, the participant of the class agrees to adjust the intensity of the exercise to their health condition and their abilities. The Jumping/Zumba sessions are attended by the client voluntarily (at their own risk), and the instructor bears no responsibility for any health problems arising during or after the class. By purchasing the entry, the client confirms having read and accepted the terms of reservation and cancellation.

MultiSport card

How to use the MultiSport card when booking a class

From October 1, 2023, I accept MultiSport cards - silver, FKSP, child

Class reservation

  • Register in the Reservio booking system.
  • Send a refundable deposit of 170 CZK to account 702812628/0100, and please write in the note: MultiSport, name, phone number, and the email you registered with.
  • Within 2 days of receiving the payment, I will upload the pass to your account (I will send a confirmation of receiving the amount to your email).
  • Once you have the pass uploaded, you can book a class.

Before the class

Before the lesson starts (right in the exercise room), I will check your identity (ID card/driver's license) and scan a valid MultiSport card (whether it's virtual or plastic) through the barcode reader. I would like to ask you to arrive on time (at least 10 minutes before the start of the lesson).

Cards cannot be scanned after the lesson (or retroactively), unused reservations are paid for by the client.

Warning: It is only possible to cancel a reservation 24 hours before the lesson. If you do not attend the scheduled lesson, the deposit automatically expires and cannot be refunded.

If you decide not to attend the classes anymore, please contact me via email at and I will refund the deposit back to your bank account.

Cancellation of reservation

How to cancel a lesson reservation

If you unexpectedly encounter an urgent situation and cannot attend the lesson you have already reserved, do not worry. If you meet the conditions for cancelling a reservation, it is not a problem to cancel such a reservation and refund the spent credits.

Last instructions

How to get to us and final tips

  • Where to find the dance hall
  • Don't hesitate to let the instructor know that it's your first class (they will explain the basics) and exercise at your own pace. Don't push yourself too hard unnecessarily – you don't want the first class to discourage you.
  • What to bring with you
    • Sports clothing
    • Towel
    • Sturdy athletic shoes with clean soles
    • Drinking water
    • Good mood
  • I personally recommend not eating anything heavy for at least two hours before exercising to avoid feeling nauseous.
  • Please make sure to arrive on time for the classes - at least 10 minutes before the start of the class.

Book your place and come exercise with us